“Ghost Writer” by Rene Gutteridge is fantastic!

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I just finish the last page of Rene Gutteridge’s novel, “Ghost Writer.”  The plot kept me reeling for answers with each page I turned and truly exceeded my expectations!  If you’re looking for a wonderful summer read, I suggest you pick up a copy of this novel. You will not be disappointed in the least!


Jefferson Starship – Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

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A little while ago I thought of this song and felt the need to post it.  Oddly enough, it was one of the first songs that I learned to play on the piano.  Still love it…

Biblical Weather In Oklahoma???

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On May 16, 2010 Oklahoma City experienced a hail storm that was unlike any other. Below you’ll find some video footage taken in a neighborhood just around the corner from where I live as well as a personal video from that day. We’re due for more storms tonight. A dry line is due to travel across the state and our weather men are prepared for a horrible night.

Interesting Excerpts From The Essential Dialogues of Plato.

I’ve been in the midst of reading, Essential Dialogues of Plato.  It’s a most interesting read that runs more along the lines of a conversation than an actual manuscript of sorts.  It is not focused solely upon Plato’s conceptualizations but also includes Socrates, Aristophanes, Eryximachus, Pausanias, Agathon, and many more notable philosophers.  Below I’ve taken the time to include some of the more interesting excerpts to this work.  I hope if you find philosophy interesting, that you’ll find the below to be valuable to you.

Socrates – Symposium – Love, Rhetoric, and Writing

“Love was neither fair nor good. ‘What do you mean, Diotima,’ I said, ‘is love then evil and foul?’ ‘Hush,’ she shouted;  ‘must that be foul which is not fair?’ ‘Certainly,’ I said. ‘And is that which is not wise, ignorant? do you not see that there is a mean between wisdom and ignorance?’ ‘And what may that be?’ I said.  ‘Right opinion,’ she replied;  ‘which, as you know, being incapable of giving a reason, is not knowledge (for how can knowledge be devoid of reason?) nor, again, ignorance, (for neither can ignorance attain the truth), but is clearly something which is a mean between ignorance and wisdom.’ ‘Quite true,’ I replied. ‘Do not then insist,’ she said, ‘that what is not fair is of necessity foul, or what is not good evil;  or infer that because Love is not fair and good he is therefore foul and evil; for he is in a man between them.’

Socrates – Symposium – Love, Rhetoric, and Writing

‘Well,’ I said, ‘Love is surely admitted by all to be a great god.’ ‘By those who know or those who do not know?’ ‘By all.’ ‘And how, Socrates,’ she said with a smile, ‘can Love be acknowledged to be a great god by those who say that he is not a god at all?’ ‘And who are they?’ I said. ‘you and I are two of them,’ she replied.  ‘How can that be?’ I said.  ‘It is quite intelligible,’ she replied.  ‘for you yourself would acknowledge that the gods are happy and fair –of course you would–would you dare say that any god was not?’ ‘Certainly not,’ I replied. ‘And you mean by happy, those who are the possessors of things good or fair?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘And you admitted that Love, because he was in want, desires those good and fair things of which he is in want?’ ‘Yes, I did.’ ‘But how can he be a god who has no portion in what is either good or fair?’ ‘Impossible.’ ‘Then you see that you also deny the divinity of Love.’

**I will be adding more at a later date.  I found these to be most intriguing.

Poem by Emily Dickinson

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c. 1858

The feet of people walking home

With gayer sandals go –

The Crocus – til she rises

The vassal of snow –

The lips at Hallelujah

Long years of practise bore

Till bye and bye these Bargemen

Walked singing on the shore.

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Will OKDOT Be Prepared For More Snow Beginning On Tuesday?

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Oklahoma was slammed with a blizzard on December 24, resulting in a record-breaking snowfall of 14.1 inches.  The storm first made its way into the city in the early morning hours, pelting motorist with sleet and leaving a 2-inch thick sheet of ice on the roadways before finally turning to snow.

Shockingly, OKDOT was nowhere to be found throughout the day.  Sand was not thrown upon the streets; snowplows were still parked within their sheds and snow piled up quickly.

With OKDOT’s lack of response it nearly paralyzed the city.  Cars upon cars were piling up as they turned city streets into parking lots.  Official snow routes were ignored and useless since they were not even scrapped clear.  I had to travel nearly 20 miles out of way to find a route that would safely get me home and was also unobstructed. Read more…